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software for boat building, repair and refit.

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(update 03/28/14)
GRAPHICAL REPORTING added. Non-representative data to show how the reports work is in the date range 01/01/14 - 04/01/14

(update 03/20/14)
Demo release 0.9.3 fixes multiple issues/bugs and adds predictive analysis and printable task packets. Helpnotes, ( e.g. ), provide useful information about a page.
This is a pre-release demo version of boatBuilder fundamentals and does not include the social media connections, libraries or integrated catalogs.
The manual is being updated to reflect the latest changes.
Free trial ( For Beta testers. You will be asked for feedback on bugs and suggestions for improvements ).
Best viewed in Firefox/Chrome/Explorer (known issues on Mac-Safari).

notebooks computer

boatBuilder is the spiral bound project notebook that sits on your workbench made into a powerful, user-friendly, mobile application.

The system provides critical production and project management tools for repair and re-fitting as well as new construction. Powerful planning tools provide the ability to quickly assess the impact of changes on schedule, cost and structural weight.

Mobile devices provide access to the system at the job site.

Or print a work order packet that includes the task information, material list, instructions, reference material and quality control checks.

Relentless attention to quality and safety is made an integral part of project management, from design through to post-launch maintenance.

Get started with the basic functions like the multi-media task notes and the task planning matrix, then explore the other functions as you need them.

Integrated vendor catalogs enable instant ordering of needed items. Reference technical documents provided by leading industry vendors provide useful content and a brand awareness opportunity for vendors.

Engineering Documents attach the "how to" information to each work order, including notes, images, video, links and articles. This information is easily reviewed at the job site on a tablet computer.

Standard procedures for processes, such as flo-coating, laminating, prep for painting and so on are important for efficiency and consistent quality. Your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents in the system are easily linked to Engineering Documents attached to work orders.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance checks and sign-offs for construction processes and completed items document the quality of the build.

Predictive analysis reports the expected actual cost and time-to-complete for the remainder of the project based on data for completed work.

Use the detailed build record to reassure buyers and insurers. Continue to use the system after construction to manage maintenance repairs and upgrades to create a lifetime vessel engineering record. Use it as a ship's inventory manager, and as a detailed reference when replacing parts (serial numbers, date of purchase/vendor, installation pictures).

Your server or ours. Install the system on your own server and we will provide support and customize the system to your requirements. Or create an account at, complete with support options. We can migrate data from existing systems into boatBuilder on a case-by-case basis.

Take a look at the full list of features or set up a free trial account.

About boatBuilder

boatBuilder Features


Create building manuals within boatBuilder to add value to plans.

Develop Material Lists using generic parts for each task so the builder can estimate costs. It's easy for the builder to change generic parts for specific equivalent parts.

Building instructions are improved by adding a multimedia Engineering Document (text, images and video) to a task.

Use this form to sign up for news when we launch, or to send a comment or suggestions. Be assured we do not share your information with anybody else. boatBuilder will be available first quarter 2014, offering individual, commercial, and white-label service agreements.

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Useful free resources for boat builders and dreamers!

Forest Products Laboratory U.S Dept of Agriculture offers the Wood Handbook, wood as an engineering material, as a free download.

Numerous studies show that Mind Mapping software offers a powerful, fun and inspiring approach to generating, visualizing and organizing new ideas. Develop your project ideas with Coggle! (We have no connection with Coggle, it just looks like a great way to sketch out concepts for a project.) Then come back here and manifest your ideas with boatBuilder!

More about Marine Ply and ply/epoxy construction from EpoxyWorks magazine by WEST SYSTEM.